About TFA:

Tharus and Friends Association (TFA) is a non-profit and non-political social organization, founded by Tharus living in the United States of America (USA). This organization was launched in 2008 and is currently registered in the State of New Mexico, USA. The primary goals of this organization are, to support on education for Tharus living in Nepal, to help on protection and preservation of the Tharu identity and cultural heritages, and to foster friendship among Tharus in USA and abroad. Since its inception, TFA has supported underprivileged communities by providing scholarship and other supports to people who are in need. Financial contributions from TFA members are main source of funding. TFA welcomes to any financial supports if anyone wishes to help TFA on meeting its goals.


  • Provided $1091.00 to Jaleshwor family under “Save Jaleshwor Campaign”. Both tharu and non-tharu organizations in Nepal and abroad helped Jaleshwor family in this campaign to bring back him to Nepal from Saudi.
  • Provided scholarship to 10 students from underprivileged communities with total amount of NRS. 260,00.00 in 2019 for academic year 2018/2019. Since 2008, TFA has provided scholarships to more than 90 students from underprivileged communities with total amount of NRS. 1,965,750.00 (Nineteen Lakh Sixty-Five Thousand Seven Hundred Fifty Rupees)
  • Helped flood victims of Nepal.
  • Donated $1,158.00 to Nepal Youth Foundation (INGO in Nepal) for the rescue and rehabilitation of Kamlari (slavery) girls.
  • Honored with certificate and monetary prize to National and International (including Olympian) Tharu athletes.
  • Felicitated Nepali women –Suma Tharu and Kaushalya Chaudhary for their bold and courageous act or winning international award for their social work and provided financial support.
  • Provided $5,600 to the families of critically ill and seriously injured people in Nepal who were poor. And also to the family with the loss of life.