The scholarships provided a great help on my education . To pay such a large amount was not possible for my family. Financial conditions of my family is poor. The scholarship amount gave my parents a place of joy when they are watching me learn in such a college. Their eyes burst with tears to see me achieving my future goals day by day . This all became possible only by TFA scholarship. I will in return make TFA and my family proud. I hope TFA’s blessings and helps will make my dreams come true. – Utpal Mirdaha Tharu

I have received the scholarship that TFA had provided. This scholarship means a lot to me as this will help to fill my college fee. Thank you very much TFA. – Roshan Chaudhary

I have received money for the scholarship. Scholarship money will be well utilized in my study and I would like to give thank you to TFA. – Kalawati Chaudhary

I am TFA scholarship 2018/19 recipient and I feel too glad to thank TFA for choosing me. I would like to inform you that scholarship amount was sent to my father’s account . I am very grateful for this help . Thank TFA from the bottom of my heart. – Manika Chaudhary